Basketball noise in the early morning

Hi All

Over the past few days I have heard from a number of home owners on the street of St. Paul School. It has been reported to me that the basketball courts are full from 9pm until 430 am in the morning, nearly every single day and have been since April of this year. The individuals are swearing, generally being loud and driving their cars recklessly down 145st. All residents have said they are good young adults, but they are just being young adults, doing what young adults do. These home owners have contacted the police, the City of Edmonton, St. Paul School and our Councilor, Andrew Knack with no resolution to this issue.

The police have been called numerous times, as per the advice from the City of Edmonton, but the behavior is not changing. I imagine we can all sympathize with these home owners as many of us have to sleep with our windows open to get relief from the heat and would struggle to sleep with 20 plus kids outside our window, swearing, playing basketball and driving recklessly. The home owners have all expressed zero issue with kids playing there during the day, but are at a loss as to how to stop it from happening while they are all trying to sleep.

Crestwood Community League delayed construction on our courts in order to offer an alternative to the courts located in front of homes. I am not sure if there are people playing there or not, but I encourage you to speak to your son/daughter about playing there as an alterative in the late evening and early morning hours if this is something they require. I would also ask you to have a conversation with your kids about how negatively late night basketball is affecting the day to day lives of our community members. As mentioned, the police, the City of Edmonton, St. Paul School and our Councilor, Andrew Knack cannot solve this issue. This issue must be solved by community members being respectful of those who live in front of basketball hoops.

To be VERY CLEAR – there are no issues with daytime/early evening basketball.

I have left comments open with the hopes that some constructive solutions may be offered. I am hopeful that we can see some of our valued community members are struggling and offers ways to help. I encourage you to read this post very carefully before responding as – REMINDER – this is not a daytime issue – it is a 4:30am issue. Negative, unhelpful comments will be deleted.


Crestwood Community Notice

Crestwood Community President Message:

Crestwood Community Board was made aware that Crestwood School was considering removing the basketball nets over the summer due to incessant criminal behavior at the courts after school hours.

Crestwood Community League has no jurisdiction over schoolboard decisions. However, in order to provide an alternative location for the kids to continue playing basketball over the summer we offered to delay the removal of the basketball nets until August. (We are at the beginning of our Phase III Redevelopment).

We are just as disappointed as everyone else that this decision needed to be made and that the behavior of a few kids have ruined it for the majority.

Come on down to Crestwood park at 3:00pm on July 1st to meet your Member of Parliament and enjoy some ice-cream!


St. Andrew’s Music on the Green returns July 2 with a concert series featuring local Edmonton musicians. Click here for details.

YOUTHWRITE DAYCAMPS express yourself

YouthWrite 2021

YouthWrite® Society Canada.  YouthWrite is a non-profit organization that runs camps for kids that are centered on writing, creating, art, and self-expression.

This year, we are one of the very few groups running live, in-person day camps for youths in Alberta, with two of our camps running in Edmonton’s River Valley, two camps running at Kamp Kiwanis near Bragg Creek, just outside Calgary, and one camp running online via Zoom.

With the rising numbers of mental health issues among youths and students amid this pandemic, we are trying to reach as many youths, community leagues, students, teachers, and parents as possible to support the #codepink movement and the mental health of young Albertans.

EPCOR Community Art Contest


Good afternoon,

Attached is the postcard for the Community Art Contest that you can expect to see arriving in mailboxes in Crestwood, Glenora, Grovenor, and West Jasper Place shortly.


Many residents have seen the large worksite at 148 Street and Summit Drive. EPCOR would like to try to improve the look of that site by putting community art on the construction fence hoarding and we would like that art to come from the community.

There will be one winner from each of the following categories:

  • Ages 5-8
  • Ages 9-13
  • Ages 14-17

Crestwood Community Garden

Crestwood Community Garden

The Community League has been allotted 10 garden boxes filled with soil.
This initiative is to increase Edmontonians’ access to fresh food and to provide opportunities for safe activities that promote community involvement, recreation, and wellness. The temporary gardens consist of raised beds designed for community food production, and help to reduce barriers in increasing local food growing spaces.

Apply today for a garden plot, if demand is high we will do a lottery draw. Deadline to apply is June 6, 2021.

More details and sign up at the link:

photo shows actual boxes

SOCCER registration & COVID

I’m sure you have seen COVID  numbers increasing over  the past month, culminating in record numbers for the entire pandemic in Alberta today.

The government of Alberta increased public health restrictions today.

While the newest public health restrictions still allow for the proposed 8:2 player to coach ratio , things are trending in the wrong direction. What this means for Crestwood soccer is there are a number of coaches who are not comfortable coaching this year. I am certain they will reach out to you individually to let you know their personal decisions.

Please know that we respect your individual decisions on whether you keep  your child enrolled or choose to withdraw. If  you are comfortable keeping your child enrolled in soccer we are confident that the league will find another team to place them on. If you wish to withdraw and have paid your fees already, you can email the league to request a refund. The website says; if you are a paid registered player, you have the option to request a refund, less a $10 admin fee. A refund  request must be submitted by May 16, 2021 to

Refunds less fixed costs after this date will be  issued if EMSA has cancelled the season only.

If you have registered but not paid, the zone will be sending an email by May 15 with updated information. if you choose to  participate, payment will be need  to be completed by May 19 2021.

Further details to follow.

The portal is currently closed for online  payment. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

AGM Crestwood Community League

Notice of AGM May 13,2021   7:30 pm

email for link to join the virtual meeting

AGM Crestwood Building Society notice

Notice of AGM



email  for virtual link to join the meeting.