Break-in activity increasing

Be aware that  there is reported increased activity of garage break-ins around the  144 St. and 97 Ave. area.

There may be other thefts or break-in activity in Crestwood not reported. Please report any break-ins, theft of items or suspicious activity to the Police. Reports result in more patrols which may decrease the unwanted activity.

DO not leave sheds or garages open and unattended. Lock the doors.

9-1-1 Emergencies

780-421-3333 Switchboard

780-423-4567 Non Emergency Police Complaints

#377 Telus Mobility

*377 Rogers

1-800-222-8477 Crime Stoppers


The Building Society is giving Notice that a Special General Meeting is being held August 3 at 7pm

via TEAM.

To  vote on a Special Resolution for Phase 3 Financing.

Please contact Laurie for a link to the meeting before July 28 if you are a Member of the Crestwood Community League in good standing and are interested in attending.



7pm Call to order

Special Resolution presented





basketball community meeting

The President of CCL hosting a community meeting on July 26 from 6-7:30 as per community members requests, about the basketball courts late night issues for residents.

If any of you are able to join, that would be great.

Please share this invite:

UPDATE – 99 Avenue Sanitary Trunk Rehabilitation Project – Worksite #3 – 148 Street and 99 Avenue

Just an update for you on the 99 Avenue Sanitary Trunk Rehabilitation Project. Construction to build a large pit (also known as a shaft) at Worksite #3, located at 148 Street and 99 Avenue, is expected to resume the week of July 19, 2021.

The typical hours of construction at Worksite #3 will be from 7:00am to 9:00pm, Monday to Saturday. If required, these hours may be extended, and construction may occur on Sundays from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

For Worksite #3, residents can expect general noise as construction equipment and trucks will be used for excavation, material delivery and soil removal. The drill rig, which was used earlier at this location, will not be part of the upcoming work. We are not expecting significant vibration from the upcoming construction; however, slight vibration may be experienced during certain activities similar to a garbage truck driving by.

EPCOR will do everything possible to manage noise associated with the construction. We will work to ensure that the construction is completed within the requirements of the City of Edmonton Noise Bylaw.

Once the tunneling between Worksite #1 (148 Street and Summit Drive) and Worksite #2 (101 Avenue and Ravine Drive) has been completed, the tunnel boring machine (TBM) will be removed from Worksite #2 and moved to Worksite #1 to begin tunneling south towards Worksite #3.

The TBM used to tunnel underground operates under a pressure system to move forward. When stopped, the machine requires force to push it forward when tunneling resumes. This could result in a situation where the TBM gets stuck and is unable to move forward. As mentioned in our previous project notices, 24/7 tunneling work will be required to reduce this risk. Advance notice will be provided before the 24/7 tunneling work at Worksite #3 begins.

Construction at Worksite #3 is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2022. Please note, timelines are estimates and may change based on weather and construction conditions.

A letter advising of the upcoming construction has been delivered to residents adjacent to Worksite #3. We would like to request your assistance with sharing this information on our behalf.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you, Dawn

EPCOR Drainage Services  Tel 780.509.8080

Fall/Winter Registration (opens July 13th) and SUMMER REGISTRATION Reminder

Dear Crestwood Families!


Please find INFO for Fall/Winter 2021/2022 and SUMMER 2021 (OPEN NOW) below!




Registration for our Fall/Winter programs will open Tuesday July 13th at 10:00 am! Please note new times and locations for some our classes due to a seasonal closure of Callingwood Twin Arenas.   Mark your calendars as spots are incredibly limited and will be on a first come basis.


Prices and Class listings can be found HERE! 


We recommend that you check the class listings ahead of time! We have on many occasions had instant sell outs of classes.  If you click the BACK BUTTON after you have chosen a class, it may ALREADY be sold out so be prepared to cart and check your desired class out quickly.  


*transfers may be limited this year due to reduced class sizes and are subject to administrative fees. There will be a penalty for any “holding” of classes.  Please do not register for more than one class with the intention to drop one.  There will be administrative fees involved and and it causes a great deal of administrative pressure for us.   Please be sure to check our FAQ’s HERE including our refund policy.


Check out our NEW CLASS!  Kids MORNING SKATE Tuesday mornings from 10:00 – 11:00.  Perfect for pre or homeschooling participants. A fun filled learn to skate class for ages 3-6.





Ready to BEAT THE HEAT? Summer Registration is OPEN NOW for our Coronation Arena programs! Space is limited and on-line registration is first come – first served.

Skating Camps – August 16 – 27 @ Coronation Arena

5 and 10 DAY Camps Age 3+
August 16 – 20 and August 23 – 27

Learn-to-Skate Age 3/4
Basic Skating Age 5+
Intro to Figure Skating – see prerequisites
Advanced Basic Skating – see prerequisites


Hockey Camps – August 23 – 27 @ Coronation Arena

Hockey Skills Camp (2 hours)
ON ICE: 8:00 – 9:00


OFF ICE 9:15 – 10:15 (Outdoors – Rain or Shine)

Skating Camp (1 hour)
9:15 – 10:15 Age 6-8


2:15 – 3:15 Age 9-11

Stickhandling Camp (1 hour)
10:30 – 11:30 Age 6-8


3:30 – 4:30 Age 9-11

YES! You can do IT ALL!  This Skating and Stickhandling programs are designed to match perfectly with each other. If your player has energy to burn and wants to work on ALLLLL THE SKILLS register for BOTH and we promise that they’ll come home tired, skilled, and smiling!


See you on the ice!

Crestwood Skating Club


Basketball noise in the early morning

Hi All

Over the past few days I have heard from a number of home owners on the street of St. Paul School. It has been reported to me that the basketball courts are full from 9pm until 430 am in the morning, nearly every single day and have been since April of this year. The individuals are swearing, generally being loud and driving their cars recklessly down 145st. All residents have said they are good young adults, but they are just being young adults, doing what young adults do. These home owners have contacted the police, the City of Edmonton, St. Paul School and our Councilor, Andrew Knack with no resolution to this issue.

The police have been called numerous times, as per the advice from the City of Edmonton, but the behavior is not changing. I imagine we can all sympathize with these home owners as many of us have to sleep with our windows open to get relief from the heat and would struggle to sleep with 20 plus kids outside our window, swearing, playing basketball and driving recklessly. The home owners have all expressed zero issue with kids playing there during the day, but are at a loss as to how to stop it from happening while they are all trying to sleep.

Crestwood Community League delayed construction on our courts in order to offer an alternative to the courts located in front of homes. I am not sure if there are people playing there or not, but I encourage you to speak to your son/daughter about playing there as an alterative in the late evening and early morning hours if this is something they require. I would also ask you to have a conversation with your kids about how negatively late night basketball is affecting the day to day lives of our community members. As mentioned, the police, the City of Edmonton, St. Paul School and our Councilor, Andrew Knack cannot solve this issue. This issue must be solved by community members being respectful of those who live in front of basketball hoops.

To be VERY CLEAR – there are no issues with daytime/early evening basketball.

I have left comments open with the hopes that some constructive solutions may be offered. I am hopeful that we can see some of our valued community members are struggling and offers ways to help. I encourage you to read this post very carefully before responding as – REMINDER – this is not a daytime issue – it is a 4:30am issue. Negative, unhelpful comments will be deleted.


Crestwood Community Notice

Crestwood Community President Message:

Crestwood Community Board was made aware that Crestwood School was considering removing the basketball nets over the summer due to incessant criminal behavior at the courts after school hours.

Crestwood Community League has no jurisdiction over schoolboard decisions. However, in order to provide an alternative location for the kids to continue playing basketball over the summer we offered to delay the removal of the basketball nets until August. (We are at the beginning of our Phase III Redevelopment).

We are just as disappointed as everyone else that this decision needed to be made and that the behavior of a few kids have ruined it for the majority.

Come on down to Crestwood park at 3:00pm on July 1st to meet your Member of Parliament and enjoy some ice-cream!


St. Andrew’s Music on the Green returns July 2 with a concert series featuring local Edmonton musicians. Click here for details.

YOUTHWRITE DAYCAMPS express yourself

YouthWrite 2021

YouthWrite® Society Canada.  YouthWrite is a non-profit organization that runs camps for kids that are centered on writing, creating, art, and self-expression.

This year, we are one of the very few groups running live, in-person day camps for youths in Alberta, with two of our camps running in Edmonton’s River Valley, two camps running at Kamp Kiwanis near Bragg Creek, just outside Calgary, and one camp running online via Zoom.

With the rising numbers of mental health issues among youths and students amid this pandemic, we are trying to reach as many youths, community leagues, students, teachers, and parents as possible to support the #codepink movement and the mental health of young Albertans.