Mackinnon Ravine Pedestrian Bridge demolition notice

Notice of Demolition for Mid February.B165 Ped Bridge Demo Construction Notice

Report a Crime on line

99 Avenue Sanitary Trunk Rehabilitation Project update

A second survey to confirm the elevation of the existing trunk line along 99 Avenue at 148 Street is anticipated to begin in early February 2022 and is expected to be completed within three days, weather permitting.

A survey crew will enter the tunnel from the manhole at Worksite #6 located at 99 Avenue and 150 Street. To ensure crew safety, the survey is required to occur during low-flow times, which may require early morning or overnight work.- you will hear the noise.

Residents can expect limited traffic impacts during the survey; however, there will be work vehicles in the areas adjacent to the manholes, along with traffic control equipment.

We would like to request your assistance with sharing this information on our behalf. Hard copies will be delivered to residents adjacent to the access manhole location.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you, Dawn

EPCOR Drainage Services

Tel 780.509.8080



I hope you all are enjoying the wonderful ‘spring like’ weather☀

Edm Food Bank has confirmed…

Candy Cane Lane 2021 raised:

$11,415 and 11,859kg of food!!!!!

None of this would be possible without the ongoing efforts from…

  • all of our volunteers (that’s you! 🤗 )
  • the amazing residents of the lane who decorate each year🎄
  • the surrounding community for their patience and support💕
  • The City of Edmonton and Wintercity❄
  • All the community businesses for their continued support💓

It is with the support from all of you that we can continue to help families in and around Edmonton (via the Food Bank), while keeping the tradition of Candy Cane Lane going for everyone to enjoy!

See you next year!   Kelly & Gino

Edmonton Sport Council- RECREATION

Would you be willing to put a link to the Edmonton Sport Council on your Community League website?

The Sport Council is funded primarily by a grant from the City of Edmonton to support sport, active recreation and active living for all Edmontonians. We maintain two online databases that are free to access through our website []:

– a database of sport and active recreation organizations []

– a database of sport and recreation facilities []



Crestwood School needs volunteers

Crestwood Public School has an upcoming Casino event scheduled for February 8 and 9th at Starlight Casino at West Edmonton Mall.   It’s a much needed fundraiser that helps our school raise money to support a variety of school programs and needs.   We need more volunteers and would truly appreciate anyone that is able to help out.  Please consider this volunteering opportunity for  “Crestwood Public School Casino”.

The link to volunteer is below:

Edmonton Sport Council

our website []:

– a database of sport and active recreation organizations []

– a database of sport and recreation facilities []

Supporting Community activity and recreation

Rink additional hours

Crestwood is now opening the rink earlier on Thursdays.

at 1 or 2 pm.

more room less crowding. play nice. respect the Covid rules and your peers.

District E spotlight/ EFCL 100th anniversary

community talks about community then and now. … Read More

Crestwood Rink news

The  rink boards are up and  the rinks are planning to open soon.

ice soon ……very soon. check Facebook for up to date info.

Come down and check out the new areas. See how nice the area looks.