JFT Fitness Workshop @ Crestwood Hall

January 21, 2023

JFT Fitness is offering a discount to League members! Use the promo code Crestwood to save 15% off purchase they just need to bring their membership card to the workshop. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot!

Saturday January 28th 11am-12:30pm Crestwood Community League

First in the series is going to be all about addressing lower back, sciatic and hip pain and mobility issues! Each participant will leave the workshop with:

  1. A better understanding of pain and/or mobility issues and how they correlate with posture, sedentary and active states of the body.
  2. We will dive deep into the body pre exercise/activity prep process I use every day with my clients and I will teach you how to do them on your own like a master!
  3. A 10-15 minute daily morning program to do to reduce pain and improve mobility thru the day accompanied with access to a recording of the entire workshop in case you missed something and the equipment needed to do it at home!

Workshop Instructor -Certified Personal Trainer/Pain Free Performance Specialist-Jason Rotteveel from J Fitness and Training .

All participants require a completed PARQ form to be medically cleared for exercise . Please bring your own water and yoga mat everything else will be provided.


This workshop is not intended to replace or replicate prescribed treatments from medical professionals please consult your physician before doing any exercise program.