“City Plan” Sub-Committee

December 20, 2022

At a recent Crestwood Community League meeting, it was decided that input from community members would be beneficial as the City of Edmonton moves forward with its “City Plan”.  This process will begin by having community members provide comments/concerns to the Crestwood Community Civics Director, which in turn could form a sub-committee for the Crestwood Community League.  


The following information was provided by Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues;


What does the City Plan and the Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative matter? The city plan lays out a broad vision of our city as we grow towards a city of two million and identifies the tools we need to get there. One of those tools, the Zoning Bylaw is undergoing a multi-year process which will reimagine and redesign this primary regulatory tool for development in your neighborhoods and across the city

What could it mean for your league? For leagues, this could mean neighborhoods and districts which welcome more people in more diverse housing types. It could mean future development is sustainable, desirable and adds to the character of your neighborhoods. It could mean that we build a mix of amenities into our neighborhoods’ so that we can access most of our daily needs within a 15 minute walk, bike, or roll from our front steps. 


Please email your questions/comments/concerns to the Crestwood Civics Director: