Crestwood Skating Club AGM

October 27, 2022

Crestwood Skating Club Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 @ 8-9pm

Location: Callingwood Arena 2nd Floor, 17740-69 Ave, Edmonton

Since 1977, the CSC has offered great programs at reasonable prices due to our Not-for-Profit status and the generosity of the parents who take time out of their busy lives to ensure the Club continues to grow and remains viable.

The AGM offers parents an opportunity to accept a nomination or a position on the Board.

Please see attached letter from our President, Glen Hawkins, for more information.

By volunteering to join the Board, as an Executive or Member-at-Large, you will ensure the Club will continue to offer great skating programs and good value for families and maintain its Not-for-Profit (NFP) status.

As you may know, it is vital for our Club to comply with the NFP and other rules and regulations in order to qualify for subsidized ice costs and other benefits such as fundraising events like the Yellowhead Casino every second year.

The Board meets once per month to discuss Club business and make decisions that directly affect your skater.

The time commitment is minimum – approximately one hour each month from September through April. No previous experience is required, just an interest in seeing the Club continue to thrive and provide a solid skating experience.

PLUS, there are a few perks to joining the Board! Attend the AGM to find out more!

If you like our programs and have children who are going to participate for the next few years, we sincerely would love for you to be a part of building the next 40 years!

Thank you!

Crestwood Skating Club