Basketball noise in the early morning

July 9, 2021

Hi All

Over the past few days I have heard from a number of home owners on the street of St. Paul School. It has been reported to me that the basketball courts are full from 9pm until 430 am in the morning, nearly every single day and have been since April of this year. The individuals are swearing, generally being loud and driving their cars recklessly down 145st. All residents have said they are good young adults, but they are just being young adults, doing what young adults do. These home owners have contacted the police, the City of Edmonton, St. Paul School and our Councilor, Andrew Knack with no resolution to this issue.

The police have been called numerous times, as per the advice from the City of Edmonton, but the behavior is not changing. I imagine we can all sympathize with these home owners as many of us have to sleep with our windows open to get relief from the heat and would struggle to sleep with 20 plus kids outside our window, swearing, playing basketball and driving recklessly. The home owners have all expressed zero issue with kids playing there during the day, but are at a loss as to how to stop it from happening while they are all trying to sleep.

Crestwood Community League delayed construction on our courts in order to offer an alternative to the courts located in front of homes. I am not sure if there are people playing there or not, but I encourage you to speak to your son/daughter about playing there as an alterative in the late evening and early morning hours if this is something they require. I would also ask you to have a conversation with your kids about how negatively late night basketball is affecting the day to day lives of our community members. As mentioned, the police, the City of Edmonton, St. Paul School and our Councilor, Andrew Knack cannot solve this issue. This issue must be solved by community members being respectful of those who live in front of basketball hoops.

To be VERY CLEAR – there are no issues with daytime/early evening basketball.

I have left comments open with the hopes that some constructive solutions may be offered. I am hopeful that we can see some of our valued community members are struggling and offers ways to help. I encourage you to read this post very carefully before responding as – REMINDER – this is not a daytime issue – it is a 4:30am issue. Negative, unhelpful comments will be deleted.