January 19, 2021

Diana has informed the Board that she will be campaigning for the City Mayoral position in the upcoming elections.

EFCL policies state that it is a conflict of interest to hold a League Board position and engage in political activities for an elected position, Unless the League Board has approved that person to retain their position until attaining the political one.

2020.11.12 Motion-2  :   “ to have our president be allowed to retain her president position on the board while running for city office. Provided she does not use community facilities / media for her campaign.”

 Moved Peter Rivers   Seconded Rod Matheson   Carried 5/5

Email votes for this motion: Sandra, Jason, Tanis, Gord

9 of 14*  board responding – majority responding yes, 5 abstaining. Carried

*[Diana abstaining for conflict of interest, 15 board positions filled]