Edmonton Arts Council’s Festival in a Box Community Parade

August 19, 2020

The Edmonton Arts Council’s Festival in a Box Community Parade is coming to Parkview and Crestwood!

 Our parade will be on Saturday August 22, and will start at Parkview Community League.

We will meet at 1:45 near the Parkview community league, and start at 2pm.  We will parade around Parkview for 1 hour.  After a short break, we will start the second leg of our parade and head to Crestwood.  We hope to see lots of smiling faces as we parade through your neighbourhood.

 Want to join our parade?

We would love for you to join our parade! We have a special section to keep community members socially distanced from performers, and we will have enough room for you to walk in your family pods. Even though we are outside, many of our staff will be wearing masks, and we would love to see your favourite masks too.

 What to wear?

Anything you ‘d like.  Bright colors, a crazy hat, or old Halloween costume, just keep the weather in mind, and wear good shoes.

 Music and Sound

We will have a fantastic band called the National Emblem Society Orchestra leading our parade.  You are welcome to bring noisemakers of your own, but please nothing amplified, and all whistles must be blown under a mask. We also ask that you do not bring air horns, as that is our warning that a car is passing and we don’t want to get confused.

 What do I do with my hands?

Wave flags, twirl some ribbon, wave to neighbours. You can even bring bubbles, but only if you wave the bubble wand rather than blow!

Can I drive my tractor?

No, but  you can decorate a wagon, or a tricycle, or a bicycle, and ring a ding your bell with the band.  Cars will be on the road so we will need to be very careful. We will talk about traffic safety before each parade.

Our first leg of the parade will start at Parkview Community League, and end in the same place.

The second half of our parade will start after a 15 minute break, we think around 3:15. It will take us from Parkview community league to Crestwood community league.