99 Avenue Sanitary Trunk Rehabilitation Project – Environmental Assessment

June 15, 2019

Message from a Senior Advisor, Communications with the Drainage Services team at EPCOR:

The 99 Avenue sanitary sewer conveys wastewater from a large part of west Edmonton to the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant. The sewer is approximately 30m deep and requires rehabilitation between 142 Street and 151 Street.

Before the rehabilitation of the 99 Avenue trunk sewer can begin, a bypass sewer needs to be constructed using a tunneling method to divert wastewater from the existing sewer to allow for the rehabilitation in a safe environment. The alignment of the bypass sewer will be along 99 Avenue, north on 148 Street and east on 101 Avenue.

Construction of the bypass sewer is expected to begin within the next 2 years.

Attached is a notice for additional borehole drilling as part of an environmental assessment that is required to complete the detailed design for the project.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Dawn at:
EPCOR Drainage Services

10423 – 101 Street NW

Tel 780.509.8080