Community League Walking Program: Leadership Training

May 24, 2019
The Active Recreation Officer at EFCL is looking for 1-2 Senior volunteers, or in the demographic of 50+, who would be interested in taking Urban Poling Training for June 15 at no cost.
The Urban Poling Leadership Training is facilitated by a qualified Urban Poling instructor and myself, to equip community league members with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead the program in their local communities, and teach community volunteers how to use the Urban Poles. It is free and we provide all the resources, guides and manuals to start up a successful walking program. Crestwood Community League would also get 3 sets of free Urban Poling poles for their league program. Participating in the training encourages seniors to play an important role in their communities by participating in, and leading community activities. Lunch and refreshments provided.
Another session will be held on September 14. More information regarding the training and to Register is found at
To learn more about the Community League Walking Program and to sign-up for this training, visit EFCL Walking Program Page at–projects/league-walking-program/.